Key Largo’s Ocean Reef Club Attracts More Visitors Every Year

At more than thirty miles long, Key Largo is the longest of the islands in the Florida Keys. Key Largo’s proximity to the mainland also makes it a favored destination for many who are looking to get away with the least amount of difficulty and delay.

As a result, key largo real estate consistently ranks among some of the most sought after of all in Florida. Resorts like the Ocean Reef Club are well known for providing everything visitors could want, whatever the goal and length of intended stay.

A Slice of Paradise Not Far From Miami

Home to more than six million people, Miami’s is one of the country’s most populous metropolitan areas. Miami is an economic powerhouse, as well, with tourism generating much of its annual output.

Although Miami is a fine place to visit in its own right, many seek quieter, more relaxing surroundings. That frequently makes the sixty mile trip to Key Largo the perfect option for both residents of Miami and visitors.

Being only an hour way from such a bustling metropolis provides Key Largo with many associated benefits. At the same time, that bit of separation from the rest of Florida also enables a welcome mix of isolation and quiet.

At the Ocean Reef Club, Visitors Enjoy the Best of Key Largo

All this becomes apparent at the Ocean Reef Club, a 1,700-unit resort that is regarded by many as one of the best of all in the Florida Keys. Visitors who book ocean reef club rentals can choose among everything from detached, standalone mansions to affordable condominiums that provide easy access to the resort’s many amenities.

That can mean golfing in the morning while the temperatures are still cool and then heading off to the waterfront not long thereafter. With so many things to do and see at the Ocean Reef Club itself, many visitors never even see the need to leave the sprawling property.

What ends up mattering the most to the average visitor is how easy it is to enjoy this special place at almost any time. Being located so conveniently but just far enough away from the activity of Miami, many find Key Largo and the Ocean Reef Club perfectly situated.


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